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Arctic Nomads: narrative-visual miniatures / A. V. Golovnev, E. V. Perevalova, I. V. Abramov, D. A. Kukanov, A. S. Rogova, S. G. Usenyuk. — Ekaterinburg: Alfa Print Publ., 2015. — 132 p.: 104 im.


ISBN 978-5-905617-36-2

Chukotka, Yamal and Kola Peninsulas represent three centers of Arctic nomadism. Local nomadic cultures — those of Chukchi, Nenets, Saami and Izhma Komi — have long been known as adaptive and resilient to both environmental and social impacts as well as to technological innovations and invasions. Seeking for an essentially new way to rethink the intangible heritage and utilize locally appropriate technologies of the Arctic natives, this book presents insights into a daily nomadic living in selected localities through combining three different viewpoints, i.e. of anthropologists, design practitioners and the Arctic nomads per se.


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