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One of the main activities of Ethnographic Bureau (EB) is creation, preparation and publication of different materials: selection of articles, magazines, books... In this column You can observe some of the publicated by EB products.


Reindeer Herders of Yamal (research materials for the Atlas of Nomadic Technologies)

This illustrated volume presents nomadic technologies of reindeer herders from Yamal Peninsula, in their multidimensional complexity: from the space-time design of mobile settlements on the open tundra to special qualities of reindeer fur that altogether enable and facilitate mobility in the extreme environment of the Arctic. The authors set up an exciting framework of Arctic/Northern ethnodesign based on traditions of tundra nomads and represented through advanced means of visual recording, i. e. UAV mapping, GPS-tracking and 3D modeling. Abundant visuals complemented by explanatory essays provide new deep insight into the basic concepts and principles of nomadic technologies, such as: continuous space-timeness, nomadic transformer, techno-animation, movement effect, material austerity, mobile module, northern/arctic aesthetics. The visual-textual narrative encompasses both native traditions and multiple technological innovations in transport, communication and navigation wisely appropriated today by arctic nomads. Also particular attention is devoted to recent extreme events in Yamal, such as the massive ice crust in winter 2013/2014 and the anthrax outbreak in summer 2016, that required special efforts of local herders needed for coping with the changing living circumstances.

Arctic Nomads: narrative-visual miniatures

Chukotka, Yamal and Kola Peninsulas represent three centers of Arctic nomadism. Local nomadic cultures — those of Chukchi, Nenets, Saami and Izhma Komi — have long been known as adaptive and resilient to both environmental and social impacts as well as to technological innovations and invasions. Seeking for an essentially new way to rethink the intangible heritage and utilize locally appropriate technologies of the Arctic natives, this book presents insights into a daily nomadic living in selected localities through combining three different viewpoints, i.e. of anthropologists, design practitioners and the Arctic nomads per se.

Ethno-expertise on Yamal: Nenets routs and gas fields

What is ethnological expertise and how is it practiced? Authors of this book tell their story about ethno-expertise concerning industrial development of Kruzenstern gas field on the west of Yamal Peninsula. Overlapping of areas, routes and communications of tundra nomads and extractors endangers the interests of indigenous people — Nenets. Whether could be found the points of compromises or even mutual projects between divergent arctic recourse-users such as reindeer-herders and miners? The book illustrated with authors’ photos, maps and schemes, describes both results process of expertise. It could be useful for ethnographers, gasworkers, northern researchers, dwellers of the Arctic and everybody concerned in its destiny.

Andrei V. Golovnev. Phenomenon of Colonization

Andrei Golovnev. Anthropology of Movement (Antiquities of the North Eurasia)

Andrei Golovnev. Nomads of Tundra: Nenets and their folklore

The “Nenets phenomenon” – sources of original and die-hard northern culture is presented in this book. In the first part original author's versions of a descent and ethnic history of Nenets are proved by using of the newest data of archeology and ethnography. The second part consists of the folklore collected by the author – storytellers–Nenets talk about their ethnocultural history. Some visual materials (author's photos) are added to the text. The book is intended especially for ethnographers, specialists in folklore, archeologists, historians and all interested at the history of the North. The editor-in-chief: Member of the Russian Academy of Science Vladimir A. Tishkov

Andrei Golovnev. Talking cultures: Samoyed and Ugrian Traditions

The book is devoted to the ethnographic description of aboriginal cultures of Northwest Siberia – Nenets, Sel`kup, Khants, Mansi. It is founded on the author’s field work materials researched from long-term expeditions to remote parts of a taiga and tundra. It is written in a such manner, that cultures “talk about themselves” with the help of author–interpreter. Subjects of conversation are wars and chiefs, a thing and space, nature and tactile time, ceremonies and pantheon. The center of exposition is person with its archetypal philosophy. The book is intended especially for ethnographers, culturologists, archeologists, historians and all interested at the mode of life and world outlook traditions of North people. The editor-in-chief: Member of the Russian Academy of Science Sergei A. Arutyunov

Elena Perevalova. Northern Khants: Ethnic History

The book is devoted to research of ethnic history of the northern Khants. On the basis of archival sources and the field work materials collected during numerous expeditions a specificity, factors and formative mechanisms of the northern Khants ethnos are explained. For the first time the ethnic history of Khants from the lower course of Ob` river is represented simultaneously in several (historical, ethnodemographic, ethnosocial, cultural–economic) ways. The book is intended especially for ethnographers, archeologists, historians and all interested at the history of the North. The editor-in-chief: Member of the Russian Academy of Science Andrei V. Golovnev

The Yamal Antiquities. 1st Issue

1st issue of the scientific almanac “The Yamal antiquities” is devoted to research of ancient and traditional cultures of the Ural–Siberian North. Authors of the articles use new materials of archeological excavations and investigations, field ethnographic works and archival researches. The almanac opens fresh history frontiers of Northern Eurasia and at the same time it is a polemic club where Russian and foreign North explorers represent their hypotheses and findings. It is intended especially for archeologists, ethnographers, historians and all interested at culture and history of the North. The editor-in-chief: Doctor of History Andrei V. Golovnev

Àndrei Golovnev. House on Hill

Audio album and album of the verses, singing with guitar.

Elena Perevalova, Konstantine Karacharov. Agan river and population of it

The book is devoted to the researching of ancient and traditional culture of the area of Agan river. Authors of the book use new materials of archeological excavations and investigations, field ethnographic works and archival researches. It is available only in Russian.

Northern Veche

Proceedings of the Second NRF Open Meeting. Veliky Novgorod, Russia. September, 19-22, 2002

«Historical Time». Album-catalogue

Album-catalogue “Historical Time” is an introduction to the exposition of the State Museum of Nature and Man, based on historical documents and the taiga Ob-Irtysh region collections from the funds of the Museum from antiquity to modern times.

Album-catalogue “Mythological Time”

Album-catalogue “Mythological Time” performs the exhibition in the State Museum of Nature and Man based of Ethnographic collection and mythological motifs of the Siberian native peoples, Khanty and Mansi.

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