Russian Anthropological
    Film Festival
    Northern Travelling
    Film Festival

    7th Russian Anthropological Film Festival (RAFF)

    Ekaterinburg (Russia)
    April 2011

    We are happily informing you about the 7th Open Russian Anthropological Film Festival (RAFF) taking part in Ekaterinburg (Ural, Russia) on April 2011. RAFF is biennale competitive film festival of anthropological films (documentary, informative programmes include also fiction and television films). RAFF focuses on man in culture and culture in man. Its formula art+science unites filmmakers and researchers expressing by film-language the peculiarity and diversity of the cultural values, it’s important link between fiction, documentary and television film makers and anthropologists of Russia and all worlds on the whole.
    We are interested in special films, films about person and people on the crossroads of globality and locality, traditions and innovations, ethnicity and religiosity, yesterday and tomorrow — it is no less self-insight than a spectacle. This is dialogue between protagonist, author and viewer free from hard rules and gospel-truths. There are characters and destinies with fancifully woven verity and falsity, eternal ideals and fussy everydayness. Anthropological cinema tunes to sympathy to self and empathy to others’ dramas, faiths, and values. Russian Anthropological Film Festival’ competitive programme are open for any countries. RAFF holds its position as experimental ground for new genre-forms and personal styles: ethno-art, ethno-portrait, scientific-artistic reconstruction, ethno-political reportage, docudrama on ethno-nature — this is short list of developing trends within cinema on human and culture.
    The film-anthropology does not avoid actuality, but we discharge the depressive negativism and focuses attention to an aesthetics and semantics of cultural space in which the dramatic art of personal destinations shows. Films and videos of high value and quality, recording human activities in social, historical or ecological context are accepted for competition screenings. Films of high level of creativity, a rigorous scientific content or of new forms of audiovisual expression will be preferred.

    DEADLINE — 1st of February, 2011.

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