You can buy now the documentary films by Andrei Golovnev and Ivan Golovnev!

Directed by Andrei Golovnev
Road of Tatva (Russia, 1992, 28`) 
Yamal Gods (Russia, 1992, 25`)
Legend of Sikhirtia (Russia, 1993, 17`)
Devil`s Lake (Russia, 1994, 24`)
Khadampae (Russia, 1994, 24`)
On the Other Shore (Russia, 1995, 22`)
Way to the Sacred Place (Russia, 1997, 47`)  available with English subs!
Pegtymel (Russia, 2000, 32`)  available with English subs!
Post-Horse (Russia, 2008, 36`)  available with English subs!

Directed by Ivan Golovnev
Tiny Katerina (Russia, 2004, 24`)  available with English subs!
Old Man Peter (Russia, 2008, 26`)  available with English subs!

 The costs of all films - just 15 €!

Also we have (and you can buy!) some books in ethnography, anthropology, ethnology - by Andrei Golovnev and Elena Perevalova

Written by Andrei Golovnev
Anthropology of Movement (Antiquities of the North Eurasia) 25€  on Russian!
Nomads of Tundra: Nenets and their folklore 20€  on Russian! 
Talking cultures: Samoyed and Ugrian Traditions 15€  on Russian! 

Written by Elena Perevalova
Northern Khants: Ethnic History  20€ on Russian!  

 If you want to buy some films or books, please, send us letter to ethnobs@mail.ru

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